Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas wish for you...

Okay, so this was a poem that I wrote and included in a select few cards last year (this time of year..most people "can't handle the truth!")...I know many of you would appreciate this...so here goes:

May you find the best parking spot while out shopping,
May your hubby pick up on the hints you've been dropping.

May your presents be perfect, your spouse do the wrapping,
May your children not need any holiday slapping.

May your hearts fill with love, your homes fill with laughter,
May your husband not try to "get anything" after. (Wink.)

May your kids go to sleep, and you not stay up late,
May your in-laws get stuck in a storm out of state.

May your houseguests all come with their arms full of wine,
and do every last dish on which they did dine.

May your cocoa be warm, may your cookies be sweet,
May your hips not remember a darn thing you eat. (Amen.)

But most of all, friend, may your holiday season
Be filled with the savior who gave us the reason!

Merry Christmas Bloggers!
The Maid and Butler and family!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas...Acapella Style!

We really enjoyed watching this last year...and many of you have already seen it...but it is awesome so watch it again. And thank me later.

:) The Merry Maid

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Barfmas! Oh, and Happy Chunkikah!

Hello everyone! I am alive, despite blog rumors of my death. Don't pay the ransom!

What have I been up to you ask? (Humor me.)

Well, I have been enjoying holding the most precious baby boy (and most probably the last) I get the privilege of raising! He is beginning to really respond and smile. He raises his little eyebrows and is beginning to know his brothers and sisters. It is priceless. I even think he is trying to talk to me. I'm pretty sure he said I was beautiful. Either that or "Your boob is full." Haven't figured it out yet.

With him comes lack of sleep, newborn doctors appointments, circumcision appointment (ouch), midwife appointments, lots of shopping (you always run out of stuff when you are too sleep-deprived to plan ahead and to disorganized to be able to find the stuff you have!), a little bit of sleeping, oh, and throw in a little case of the flu. (So far not the baby or myself, but about half of the kids have had it now. 24 hours seems to be the extent...praise GOD!)

We are half-way through the month, and my list of "to do's" is a mile long. (As I'm sure yours is too!) Sadly, lots of my items are basic cleaning items. Like how it would be nice to walk into and through the garage to get my Christmas pitcher and serving dishes without needing a tetanus shot or the ability to run and jump over hurdles.

I'm enjoying this season with my precious Christmas Gift (he is now over 9 pounds...woohoo!), and also enjoying the simple things. It is amazing what can happen when you really can't spend money! I feel as if the pressure to buy, shop and give is OFF. And the interesting thing is that I am probably the one who puts the pressure on myself in the first place. We have picked up a few things (VERY few), but for the most part, we are just hoping for a Christmas miracle. LOL. (Remember, my sweet butler is a commercial real estate agent.)

Instead of things and tangible gifts, we are trying to give each other experiences this year...memories! Some good, some lame, some really bad...but when you add them all up...it is REAL. It is what life is about. It is what makes you laugh!

I have memories of Christmases past when things weren't perfect, but they were memorable. Like the time I was in Jr. High or High School and I had baked my brains out...and just collapsed on the floor proclaiming to my mom..."I hate Christmas." Again...all that baking agony...self inflicted! I also remember a time about 4 years ago, when we delivered a plate of goodies to a neighbor on Christmas eve and she opened the door, rolled her eyes, and said..."Oh god, not more junk." (Her husband was mortified and thanked us, but we learned that they were one house we could skip next time! LOL)

And I'm sure we all have memories of making Gingerbread houses on tiny milk cartons or from store bought kits. (Those darn things never work right...they are always baked funky and don't fit together the right way. Where can I file my formal complaint? Santa?)

Since I missed posting at Thanksgiving, let me just tell you a few things that I am so thankful for right now, despite our pitiful financial status:

1) Coupons. Dude...I have been "saving" so much money on groceries and miscellaneous items we need, that I could call Sally Struthers and sponsor a child.

2) Christmas music. I am loving the sweet, peaceful music that is on all over the place...and the occasional dose of "Jingle Bell Rock."

3) Lights. I love the twinkling of the lights all over the place. It just makes the nights feel special and come alive. I can't wait to drive around and see more!

4) People in Santa hats. I love hats, and I love when people don't care if they look absolutely stupid.

5) Fire pits. I can't wait to fire up a log or two and act cold and roast marshmallows!

6) Giving. Not only do I like to give, I love to watch as other people give. People just seem more generous this time of year. (Except the dirt bag who cut in front of me a Costco the other night. I waited patiently for my spot and rather than wait behind me, the bimbo went around me and "cut" in line. Merry Christmas lady, that one is a freebie...next time I will bruise your ankles with my cart.)

7) Speaking of generous...I was at the grocery store and a lady (customer) asked how much my total was and gave me a $10.00 off coupon for my order. Just because she wanted to. Do you realize what a blessing that was? My family will eat cereal with milk for free for a week because she was so thoughtful. Yep. Wanted to hug her, but that would be weird. (Unless you are Will Ferrell...Buddy the Elf could have pulled that off.)

8) Candlelight Christmas service at church. Love that. Nothing more beautiful than watching how one flame, one candle at a time can light the world. Literally. It only takes a spark people...don't you remember the campfire song? We can share the love of Christ and light the world. (Oh, and I also like to play with the candle wax at church. I know, not supposed to, but when else do I get to hold FIRE in the sanctuary?)

9) Packages and Christmas cards in the mail. (Hey, even if the package is simply the Christmas cards I ordered...it is fun to open the mail this time of year...I might even send myself a Christmas card.) (Correction...it is fun to open "CHRISTMAS mail" this time of year...it still sucks to open the bills.)

10) Food. I know. It is shocking. The maid likes to eat holiday treats. Even crappy store-bought ones. Slap some green icing on it and red sprinkles, and I might even eat broccoli.

11) Anticipation. I love the planning and anticipation that goes into this time of year. With that sometimes comes disappointment, but it is part of the season...and I don't ever want to stop feeling that hope and "what if" feeling on Christmas day!

12) Magic. Whether you believe it or not, there is magic out there this time of year. People who give what they do have...and better yet, people who give what they don't. Caring about other people...it should be how we live every day, but it is just amazing to see it happening all around us. It is magic....mix all of the smells, the tastes, the feelings, the twinkling lights...and voila! It is the equivalent of fairy dust!

13) Indulging. I love that this time of year I can offer a sweet and yummy treat to someone and they almost always get giddy and gladly accept...and EAT it! None of this, "I'm watching my figure....cholesterol...weight...blah, blah, blah." People eat dessert...know what that means? I don't indulge alone! LOL

14) Kids. It never ceases to amaze me what my kids do, ask for, share, don't share, want to give, and how excited they get. I hope that never stops!

There is so much more that I am thankful for and look forward to at Christmas...but I will end with the absolute best of all....

15) Jesus birth! Because of my faith...I rejoice that Jesus, Messiah, Emmanuel....was born in a manger all those years ago and lived a sinless life and ultimately paid the price for my sins. Talk about a gift! I am grateful and I pray for Jesus to stir that gratitude and faith into every moment of my holiday.

Merry Christmas bloggers!