Friday, October 24, 2008

Waiting on the Lord...

I don't like the word wait. Or the word weight. But when you are 38 weeks pregnant and ready to deliver any day now...well, they are both four letter words in my book. I'm not just talking that dreaded "waiting room" experience where you sit and try to pretend like you aren't completely miffed that you are not being tended to already...and that your doctor/dentist, whoever, totally overbooked their day! I am speaking of waiting on the Lord, however, which can be just as "painful" for lack of a better word.

This has been a year of great waiting for us...waiting to see what the Lord does is such a difficult task. I have had such a hard time committing things to prayer and waiting. And waiting. And, yep, more waiting.

My husband made a job change this year that we thought would be a good one. That still remains to be seen. We are waiting for God to give us wisdom in that area. We are waiting for something awesome to happen there. "God, can you hear me?" (Me, tapping fingers impatiently.)

We tried to sell our home this past year...for a variety of reasons, all which seemed logical and seemed to line up with what we thought would be God's will for our lives. And, yep, you guessed it. We waited. To no avail, no buyer, nothing. So after 8 long months of waiting, hoping to sell and hoping to make some exciting changes...we pulled the plug on it. That was about 5 months ago, and we still sit here wondering why we didn't sell and waiting to see what God does with our home and in our current situation.

This has truly been a year of waiting. At this point, things don't look good. I'll confess. My husband is facing a decision about his very career. One that has served us well for 8 of the last 9 years. We have been truly blessed. He loves what he does, but it is becoming increasingly clear that change is coming. And I'm not talking about Obama.

As we wait for the Lord to direct us, and for that decision to be made, whatever it is, it is almost as if I can hear the second hand on the clock ticking every moment of every day. It is becoming louder and louder and ascending into what sounds like a ticking time bomb to me. Maybe it is my current physical state (uh-hem, superpregnant) that makes this seem so loud and intrusive in my life right now, but waiting for something to happen in almost every area of my life (physical, spiritual, emotional, financial) has become all-consuming.

As a woman, I need safety, security, stability, especially when a new life will be on our doorstep in a matter of days. The only comfort I have is knowing that what I can't see, God can. What I don't know, God does. But I shudder to say this out loud, and that is, I don' know how much comfort that brings me right now. God feels far away. In the waiting there is such a deafening silence.

God promises us that for those who wait upon the Lord their strength will increase. That being said, I must be getting stronger every day! LOL

In the meantime, if you believe in a sovereign God, say a prayer for this maid. It is getting harder to push my cart through the hotel these days...and you can just forget about me fluffing your pillows. You'll be lucky not to find me sleeping in them! :)

The Over-"wait"-ed Maid

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The truth shall set you free... for the couple of you who actually tried to figure out via my last post what may have been the real deal, here is a quick reveal for you:

The lies are:

1) Flew to Hawaii with Raul. (I know, it is not that far-fetched, right? Except for the fact that I don't have a pool.)

9) I went four days without a shower. Eeeeewww. People, come on. I can not even stand a 48 hour showerless existence! LOL

12) I lost $200,000 in the stock market. However, we have lost about $200,000 in equity in our home. Suck a duck.

15) I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo's. First of all, I wouldn't even know where to shop like that, second of all...I already have over 50 pairs of I think my hubby would shoot me!

17) I saved enough money with coupons to pay my car payment. That would require quite a mountain of little clippings I tell you.

24) I washed my car, by hand. With 7 kids, I assure you I will never wash my car again. What do you think I birthed all of these people for anyway?

28) I started training for a marathon. Some day I would like for now, my marathon will have to consist of get up, shower, clean, laundry, sleep. Sigh.


Okay, so the funny part is...I asked my husband to figure out which ones were true and he didn't even get them all right! He actually thought I could have saved $629.00 in coupons to pay the car payment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Interesting tid-bits about some of the truths are:

* We did have to boil water to wash dishes. Can you believe that? Why do you think I was plotting the demise of the Home Depot general manager? It took them over a month to replace a broken dishwasher (4 months old) that nearly burned my house down! The boiling water...well, what they fail to tell you between picking up the old dishwasher and bringing the new one is that in that 7 days you can't use your hot water. Oh, and that there would be water damage under the sink from them failing to close off the right lines/hoses or whatever! Do you see why I might have told an orange apron wearer that I wanted somebody's _____ on a platter? (I'm still bitter, I know. Pray for me.)

* Yes, I did find a Benadryl that tastes good. It is a melt on your tongue strip...vanilla mint. Sad, but true. At this stage of pregnancy...Benadryl is in my arsenal of OTC meds.

* I did get two pedicures in less than 30 days. I have the best mom on the planet...both were gifts from her! Woohoo! (Now if I could just find that pool boy to peel my grapes for me.)

* I did shred paperwork that for some odd reason I had saved since of my first jobs...paystubs, tax returns etc. The sad thing is that I worked for $3.65 an hour and thought that was a great job! (My teenager is bummed that starter jobs in our area for him would only pay about $8.50 an hour. Smack. Him. Would. Ya?)

* Note to self: Shredders burn out. Quickly. I only got 9 garbage bag fulls of shredded paperwork before having to bury ours.

* I did tell a store employee that his store was yucky...disclaimer: I said worse than sucked. This is a PG blog, however, so I won't tell you what I really said! (In case you are wondering, it is a store where they have fork-lifts and orange aprons.)

* I routinely do 2-3 loads of laundry a day...more when we have excess sheets and towels to wash. So...sadly, that is a true story.

* I also, despite my disdain for the iron, did press some shirts and pants for my dear hubby this month. He has taken on a second job (yep...real estate is not cutting it lately...poor guy) and I see very little of him. Which means...I try to do more to make his life easier...and he has relaxed his standards as well...he LETS me iron for him. I truly stink at it, but I think he figures he'd rather have an imperfectly ironed shirt and another 30 minutes of sleep! LOL

* I did (tear) throw away (sniff, sniff) my favorite pants. They were warm up pants (black with red and white stripe on the sides) and they had seen me through many years and almost two whole pregnancies. Can I get some sympathetic soul to play taps for me on their bugle? I mean it was a really hard loss to that only someone who hates to shop for clothes and who has had a "favorite" pair of pants could understand. (Have you ever loved a pair of pants so much that you would rather keep your legs crossed and wear them with holes anyway?) See. I told you. Sad.

Thank you Betty and Happy Mommy for your educated guesses! ;) You guys were darn close!

And Betty, please don't stop liking me because I actually did steal money from my children!

Happy Mommy...well, I am sorry to burst your bubble...but I did gain 2 pounds in 30 days. My pregnancy weight gain has been 11 pounds to this point (36 weeks) because I can't eat a lot of things I would love to eat when I'm stinks! (Heartburn, nausea, and all of those wonderful things....see what you are not missing? LOL) Oh, and since I have enough fat stores to feed the Gosselin sextuplets, I don't think that the baby is missing out! LOL!

Love you guys! Happy Happy Weekend!

The Maid (Who cannot see her feet anymore!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How I may have spent the last 30 days....

I realize that when I started this blog, that I posted more frequently...and probably more coherently...but let me assure you that underneath this tired, maxed out, pregnant mom, zombie facade, there still lies a sharp, detail-oriented, eloquent, and sometimes witty mind. I am just sleep deprived and overwhelmed with life. (Yeah, I know, cry me a river.)

Because I am currently wading in the shallows, well, expect nothing more from this post. A little look into what may or may not have kept me from posting a whole lot in the last 30 days. Much of it is truth, but see if you can guess which of the 30 statements might be just a little white lie...

1) I flew to Hawaii for a glorious vacation with my pool-boy, Raul.

2) I ate 90 Tums...give or take.

3) I went to traffic school. (Duh)

4) I stole money from my children.

5) I sold and shipped a bunch of crap on ebay.

6) I gained two pounds.

7) I had to boil water to wash dishes.

8) I discovered that I like the taste of Benadryl.

9) I went four days without a shower.

10) I learned about calcium content in various types of milk.

11) I developed a love/hate relationship with cable news.

12) I lost about $200,000 in the stock market.

13) I just cracked up about number 12, as if.

14) I plotted the ultimate demise of the general manager of Home Depot.

15) I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

16) I got two pedicures.

17) I saved enough money with grocery store coupons to pay my car payment.

18) I shredded paperwork from 1988 to present.

19) I killed the shredder.

20) In a fit of disgust, I told a store employee that his store sucked.

21) I lost at least 100 hours of much needed sleep.

22) I realized the only gold medal I will ever own is a bag of flour.

23) I cut 4 out of 7 of my kids' hair.

24) I washed my hand.

25) I did over 90 loads of laundry.

26) I ironed for my husband.

27) I threw away my favorite pants.

28) I started training for a marathon.

29) I baked at least 5 dozen cookies.

30) AND I have been kicked from the inside on a daily basis.

***So whatcha think? Which ones do you believe? Hint: there are more than five, less than 10 little white lies. :)

Have a great weekend!
The busy, tired, and lying Maid.