Saturday, November 15, 2008

More beds to make...

Greetings Blog Friends! :)

The day has come, the time has arrived, the boy is here!

On Tuesday, 11-11-08, at 2:58 a.m....Little Mister Maid was born. He was an 8 pound, 10 oz miracle boy with lots of dark hair and a cute little chubby face. He was born in the comforts of home (born and comfort don't belong in the same sentence, however.) by a very talented and wonderful midwife and friend. We chose a name that means "Man of Prayer" or "Full of goodness"...and have already given him a nickname! :) He is wonderful!


We are absolutely blessed and grateful for God's precious gift and look forward to watching him grow up into a spectacular little man! Thank you to all of my friends in blogworld who have been thinking of and praying for us!

Next, let me just say how extremely grateful I am that all of this birthing stuff is OVER! :) We have moved on to the recovery phase. (Which sounds like a homicide investigation doesn't it? You move from rescue to "recovery"... when loosely translated means looking for bodies not survivors.) Well, that is where we are at now. Trying to sum up the collateral damage that has been done to my body! LOL

It is curious that mom's can forget the pain and discomfort and all of the little symptoms and annoyances of pregnancy and birth...and opt to do it again. I have done that so many times before! But something changed in my heart, soul, mind and spirit this time. I do NOT want to do it again. I am fully aware and fully experiencing all of those little pesky aches, pains, and just plain nuisances that are associated with the before, during, and after of childbirth.

Not to mention the frustration of being mentally willing and able to do something that your body is too pooped to do. I confess that 24 hours after giving birth I was walking through Target with the Butler...getting newbie his very own fresh, new carseat and stroller. Can I get a giant slap across the face right now? Duh. (This is where I would be telling all of my friends..."You just gave birth woman...go home and rest. " Not smart!) Yep. I stood there checking out at the register and began to realize that I am not a young chick anymore and I needed to go home and stay home...for at least a week! LOL.

And might I also mention that trading in a nice round, firm pregnant belly for the flabby mess of mom-tummy...not so much fun. I mean, I envisioned morphing into the supermodel body of my dreams, as sort of a reward for carrying the precious life I just birthed. I mean fair is fair, right? But no such luck. It will be months, maybe years, before I can wear a bathing suit...or anything that isn't black...again. (Good thing you all know how much I love black.)

In the end, however, it is all so extremely worth it. As I look at my precious boy, and marvel at his perfect features, his sweet temperament, and his God-given ability to know how to nurse like a pro when he was just minutes old...I am reminded of the sanctity of human lives...little or big, white or black, perfect or flawed, wanted or unwanted. If only every baby would have someone to look into their eyes and promise to love and protect them...they deserve it! Thankfully this boy made the journey from the womb to the world, when there are so many that don't. God is good, and this Maid and Butler are so very grateful!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Democracy Rocks!

Okay, so I am 39.5 weeks you hear the discomfort in my voice? :)

Still no baby yet...and after delivering my last baby 10 days early...I was hopeful! But, this child is either waiting to find out what his name will be before he comes out, or he needs the results of the election first!

We waddled up to the voting place 6:10 a.m. Did you catch that? I have not been all...and actually had breakfast at 4:45 this morning with my husband and we went to go vote. Of course, I was thinking we would be some of the first few to get there and would be out in no time. Wrong. People the sun wasn't even up yet and there was a line about 50 people long.

Still, why does it take so long for people to vote? Do they get there and read every line on the ballot? Didn't they practice at home? LOL

Seriously...we have been decided on 95% of the content of our ballot for months now...and all we had to do was fill in the bar with the black magic marker and VOILA! Get your sticker and get the heck out of there!

So why on earth is it such a long process for some people? Are they coloring within the lines all perfectly? Are they reading and re-reading the propositions to make sure no one pulled the ole switcheroo on them? Or is it a really long game of eenie meenie minie moe? I don't get it. From the time I plopped my ballot down in the little stall, it took me about 2 minutes. Do you hear that slow pokes? 2 MINUTES! In fact, I suggest that they have a time limit on this deal. If you haven't finished after 5 minutes, you should be ejected and your vote shouldn't count. Yep, that is democracy MAID style. Get in. Make the beds. Freshen the towels. Get out.

If I had been thinking clearly, I would have faked labor...and tried to get to the front of the line!

At any rate, I waddled out to my car, and drove away proudly wearing my "I voted today" sticker to proclaim to all the world that even though I am a frumpasaurus right now...I still have the same rights, privileges, and convictions to support my country. The same rights as that guy who was on his cell phone the whole morning making himself soud really significant. (Dude, get off the phone...the world can carry on without you.) Or that lady who was all decked out on her way to some really important job, no doubt. (Why do these kind of people always look annoyed that they have to stand with the "public" in such a humiliating display of mediocrity?) Or what about the lady who was on the phone asking the caller to tell her how to vote? (If I was that ignorant come election day, would I want the entire line of people to know it? Um, big no.)

Yessir. I still have the same rights while boldly wearing that sticker as each and every one of you....

Free coffee at Starbucks.
Free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's.
Free donut at Krispy Kreme.

Yep. Democracy rocks.

"I voted today."

Now gimme my donut.

The Maid