Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is gonna be short...and stupid. But it has to be asked.

WHO took my black capri pants?

And WHO, WHO...left two pairs of women's underwear here?

I am apologizing right now for this implied profanity, but...WTF?

No one in this house of 10 people will own up. ( the cherub is only 8 months and can't talk...but he is awfully maybe he ate my pants.) does a pair of perfectly good pants disappear...especially when I keep close tabs on my 3 outfits that fit me. And how do two pairs of non-matching...almost same-size-ish...women's underwear make their way into my house without anyone noticing someone leaving without them?

I even had the nerve to ask my dear butler if he wouldn't mind asking his girlfriend to return my pants and stop leaving her underwear behind.

Seriously, I don't care if the hubbs has a girl on the side...I mean if that is the sin path he chooses, well, may God smite him. But...and I mean capital BUT...could the chick have the decency to not leave the evidence behind and wear my favorite pants home?


Until Perry Mason solves this one...I guess it is time to buy some stupid size "uh hem" pants.

Have a blessed week,
The Maid

(In case anyone is wondering...I truly don't suspect the butler...I just can't think of another explanation. I mean HOW does other adult girl underwear get here? Any theories?)