Friday, October 7, 2011

Oprah ain't got nothin' on the girls in the desert....

I am sick. I am coughing and coughing...hacking...and just all out sounding like a Ferris Bueller sound effect. (Remember that? Oh, how I wish we could go back to COOL movies like that...and of course, turn back some wrinkles. I bet Ferris does too... Matthew Broderick has not aged well!)

So, back to my self pity. Not feeling good...pretty sure that at any moment I could cough up my spleen, or maybe just a lung. I have to tell you, I have pretty much been feeling like I am ready for the green needle. You know, the one you promise your dog when it has peed on your brand new sofa for the LAST time? Yep. Put. Me. Out. Of. My. Misery. And when mom is sick....the family does not stop. In fact, I kid you not when I say that today...while I was pretty much ready to turn purple from 2 year old son lovingly said..."Mom, will you stop making that noise? I am trying to color." Sigh.

I actually was not even sure about my reasons for living. Faith, family, future, blah blah blah.

BUT...then I remembered...(Oprah light bulb moment!)...that just this last weekend...right before my hacking and coughing banished me to my couch for 5 days...I went to a party.

Not just any party. The second annual "Favorite Things" my sweet friend Jovina's house. Jovina is one of those super classy ladies that would never talk about coughing up her spleen on a blog. She has a tidy, beautifully decorated, and perfectly appointed home with a family to match. In fact, her heart is so big, she even does all kinds of fun party-ish, neighborly things throughout the year. I am pretty sure she knows every teacher at the elementary school, in fact, most of them were at the Favorite Things party. (Which is a huge bummer for someone like me who has 8 children, and is bound to have irritated or someday will irritate each of those teachers at some point in the elementary school lifespan of my family!)

Jovina is one of those "I don't know how she does it" kind of girls. She is creative, organized, a little obsessive (she admits that)...and paid off for us invitees big time. Jovina packed the house this year with a bigger than last year "Favorite Things party."

This is a great party, where we bring 2 favorite things...share them with the audience to give us all some great gift giving ideas...and we give one away. (And let me tell you, no pressure there...while everyone was busy sharing all of these great ideas...mine sucked. Completely el sucko.) Just when I am pretty much feeling insecure and wanting to take my cough and my newly shorn head of hair and leave with my dumb idea...IT HAPPENED!

OPRAH herself....okay, not OPRAH...but my fabulous blog friend, April....and the hostess Jovina...shared one of Jovina's favorite things.

You see, the reason I decided to not kick the bucket I have this brand new toy! Woo Hoo!!

It is a Purple Cow...Hot & Cold Laminator!

I am pretty sure that April channeled Oprah as she hollered out..."You get a Laminator....You get a Laminator....EVERYBODY gets a LAMINATOR!!!" (Or maybe it was Dane Cook? Ever hear the "humpback whale?" skit? At any was HILARIOUS! And so much fun. And by the way...April is so much hotter than Oprah. And her new cute glasses are divine. April...if you fall off the cruise ship...will you will them to me?)

The wonderful Jovina called this fabulous company and told them how much she would LOVE to showcase this item...and would LOVE to give it to each gal at her party. They not only sent her one for each of us....but they threw in some other great door prizes as well! You want proof? Check. Us. Out! :)

I am hiding behind my beautiful friend Catherine on the far right (she has on the pink shirt)...I am in black ( signature color)...and completely okay with the fact that I am not at all visible.

I was, afterall, still dreading sharing my el-sucko idea...and well...a wee bit excited about a FREE new TOY!

I might just start labeling and lamenating everything in my home. I love the idea of having scriptures laminated and posted all over the house.

Who the heck am I kidding...I will more than likely use this for parties. Candy Buffet labels, Ice Cream Sundae Bar labels, Gift tags, Bookmarks, signs telling my kids not to pee on the toilet seat.

You know. The important stuff.

So that, my friend is why I won't be kickin' it just yet. (After all, you can live without a spleen right? And now, if I hack it up...I can just laminate it!)

Thank you so much Jovina...and THANK YOU so the Purple Cow! You made my day!

The most grateful, still sick, shorter-haired maid!


Mary said...

Ok, three comments and I do want replies, Missy.

1. New hair and NO picture? That is so wrong.

2. SWEEEEET giveaway! Why don't "I" get invited to parties like this? Ahem.... feel free to organize, plan, decorate and label the heck out of everything and I will arrive, enjoy and possibly contribute some sweets. How's that for a lame offer to help with some such party?

3. You are not getting away with not telling what your favorite item was. So, fess up.

P.S. Hope you are feeling LOADS better today!

The Maid said... picture. You will have to see me at bunco or church...or when you just randomly drop by with toffee almond bars. ;)

(Or those yummy coconut ones!) plan it...I will help you host it...and we can totally use my laminator! LOL

My favorite thing (el sucko) was a hanging jewelry organizer..preferably the one like my daughter's that has zippered if you accidentally knock it over...the jewelry stays in place. IT is fabulous...I love it...but compared to everyone elses grandiose ideas...mine was DUMB!

You would love this group of ladies...they are so crafty and fun...and all fit and skinny. I totally don't belong. ;)

Love ya...feeling better...not feeling 100%. Thanks friend...keep praying!